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on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 20:03

WOW! What an amazing Jam! We're too exhausted to write much just now; just to say THANKS to EVERYONE who made this Jam happen.

The SUPPORTERS and sponsors who made the Jam possible in many locations, and enriched it everywhere. They didn't have to do that - we appreciate it

The HOSTS who worked so hard - before, during and after those crazy 48 hours. You are so amazing, we are so lucky to have you.

And especially the JAMMERS who came, stayed, and gave their energy, creativity and HEART to make this Jam come alive!

Personally at Global HQ we want to thank Andi Fehr of the Nuremberg Jam and his crew for looking after us and giving us a wonderful environment to work, eat, and even sleep in; Thomas Schoenweitz for late-night visits and truly useful help on some tricky tasks (and for help choosing the Theme); and Laura Andersen and Kendra Schillington for - without knowing much about the Jam - giving up three days of their European trip to work like crazy for 1300 strangers... you all ROCK!

Thanks again, everyone! Now give yourselves a treat and take a look around here...