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That was the Jam...

on Sun, 11/23/2014 - 22:25

It’s over, folks. Global Sustainability Jam 2014 is over! New York City has reached their upload deadline & that means #GSusJam is now closed. It’s been a terrific 4-day weekend with excitement, anxiety, hard work, fun & all-round teamwork. 
This year we’ve had some brand new jams (like Madeira, Kuwait, Isfahan, to name a few), and we are really amazed by this years prototypes! Every Jam, our Jammers get better at showing us functioning, interactive prototypes, instead of just talking about ideas!  Next, we’ll browse through the amazing projects the jammers have created & make sure all the uploads have come in on Planet Jam! Your work is published there under Creative Commons licensing. Thank you for that gift to the world!
Now, the Global HQ Team need a bit of a rest - we had a wonderful, thrilling & very busy 87 hours.
But first, we want to thank the fabulous people from Global HQ who came together, via the internet, to do their best to support, guide and energise you all weekend! So our thanks to our volunteers: Dante, Rafael, Louise, Tim and Ren Chang. The 4 Jamgineers (Ana, Adam, Markus and Natasche) could not have done this without you! You rock! As with all things that involve technology, some things might have gone wrong - We’re sorry for that and we say a very big thank to you all for what went amazingly right!
So, if you are partying, enjoy the company of your fellow jammers, some of whom are now new friends. If you are back in your everyday life, take a moment to have a look at what other jams did. And please spread the word about the Jam! The “results” of the Jam can’t be found in one place. Some of them - the documentation of the prototypes you built - can be found at Take some time to look around, perhaps at work by Jammers who are world away from you physically, but who were jamming beside you in spirit. 
But the most important results are in what the weekend meant to you. The skills and tools you learned, the new friendships you made and collaborations you developed. And perhaps in some new energy that comes from knowing you can look at big challenges and start to tackle them, one Jam at a time.
Lets keep on saving the world!
You rocked! You Jammed!
You are the Jam!!
Your Jamgineers
Adam, Ana, Markus and Natasche
PS remember, we have more jams coming soon! There’s the original Global Service Jam in the last days of February - it’s our biggest, most varied Jam, almost 3 times bigger than GSusJam! Or if you are interested in working alongside professionals making a difference to public services, we have the Global Govjam in the second week of June and next year's Global Sustainability Jam in October or November 2015. See you at the Jams?