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Thanks for the Jam...

on Sun, 11/01/2015 - 22:58

The Jam is over, folks. The final upload deadline of Global Sustainability Jam 2015 has now passed. It’s been a long weekend, full of excitement, anxiety, hard work, fun & all-round teamwork.

We are really amazed by this years prototypes! Every Jam, our Jammers get better at showing us functioning, interactive prototypes, instead of just talking about ideas! We’ll now be browsing through the amazing projects you have created - thank you for that gift to the world! Take some time to look around at

Now, the Global HQ Team need a bit of a rest - we had a wonderful, thrilling & very busy few days. For the first time, we were able to have HQ (mostly) in once place, with amazing volunteers from Ljubljana joining locals and your three Jamgineers in Nürnberg, and one brave man in Sao Paulo mastering the "night shifts". 

So, if you are partying, enjoy the company of your fellow jammers, some of whom are now new friends. If you are back in your everyday life, take a moment to have a look at what other jams did. Remember to thank your hard-working local hosts. And please spread the word about the Jam!

But the most important results are in what the weekend meant to you. The skills and tools you learned, the new friendships you made and collaborations you developed. And perhaps in some new energy that comes from knowing you can look at big challenges and start to tackle them, one Jam at a time.

You rocked! You Jammed! YOU are the Jam!!
Lets keep on saving the world! 
Your Global JamHQ

PS See you again in November 2016?
(Date TBA).