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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Archive: Locations 2011

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Country City Jam Custom info
South Africa Cape Town Cape Sustainability Jam

Welcome  to the Cape jammers, where design fun never stops for those who seek it.

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Zimbabwe Gweru Gweru Sustainability Jam at MSU Read more
Zimbabwe Harare Harare Sunshine City Jam

We are people of different backgrounds and professions, design engineers, computer warriors, students coming together for the purpose of making a difference in the world we live in.

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Country City Jam Custom info
China Hong Kong HK Sustainable Jam Read more
Israel Tel Aviv TLV Sustainability Jam

The jam will serve a base for multidisciplinary, interesting, talented people to gather and ideate ways to save the planet using a design based methodology. It will foster community & action and will serve ground for people to share their talent & joy.

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United Arab Emirates Dubai Dubai (potential site)

We have the seed for a Jam in the UAE...

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Country City Jam Custom info
Australia Brisbane Brisbane Sustainability Jam

Urgenis: we are a group of people from a multitude of backgrounds and we are exploring opportunities to engage in ‘redirective design practices’ which fall outside the scope of current design professions.

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Australia Melbourne Melbourne Sustainability Jam Read more
Country City Jam Custom info
Belgium Antwerp Antwerp CONFIRMED Read more
Denmark Aalborg Aalborg Sustainability Jam

At Aalborg Sustainability Jam we invite everyone with a creative heart and mind to join us for this global jamming session. The event is hosted by Service Design Network Denmark (a non-profit organization).

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Finland Helsinki Sustainability Jam Helsinki
Sustainability Jam Helsinki is organized by Hub Helsinki and Palmu Inc. We aim on bringing together people from different backgrounds, occupations, generations and cultures to join forces in working on their angle of sustainability. Welcome to join the productive fun
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Finland Rovaniemi Rovaniemi Sustainability Jam

Rovaniemi Sustainability Jam challenges people to jam and have fun in creative (arctic!) atmosphere. Rovaniemi Sustainability Jam is hosted by Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency Ltd and University of Lapland/Faculty of Art and Design.

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Finland Vaasa Sustainability Jam Vaasa

Sustainability Jam Vaasa challenges people to jam for sustainable solutions in creative and inspiring atmosphere. Sustanability Jam Vaasa creates understanding and experiences about design, multidisciplinary team working, and  sustainability. We are waiting for a great jam in Western Finland Design Center MUOVA's CreativeLab.

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France Paris Paris CONFIRMED!

The Paris Jam is CONFIRMED! :)

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Germany Berlin Berlin Sustainability Jam

We want to mix our Global Service Jam crowd with specialists from the sustainability sector, experienced users, designers, students & others interested.
We want to create a sustainable Sustainability Jam... Berlin style!

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Germany Köln Koeln (potential site)

We are trying to Jam in Koeln - please get in touch if you want to join!

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Germany Nürnberg Noris Weltretter Jam

At the Nuremberg Jam we will mix and match the service design community with the maker community of our Fab Lab. Our location is graciously provided by the good people of the Coworking Space Nürnberg. We will try to provide free food & beverages!

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Italy Milan Milan Sustainability Jam Read more
Italy Rome Roma Sustainability Jam

The organizers are a group of people from different backgrounds and they have a mission: spreading the co-design culture in Roma . They collect their initiatives in a website:

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Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Sustainability Jam Read more
Netherlands Maastricht Maastricht 'Superfresh' Jam Read more
Norway Oslo Sustainability Jam Oslo Read more
Portugal Lisbon Lisbon Sustainability Jam Read more
Portugal Porto Sustainability Jam Porto Read more
Russian Federation Moscow Moskva Jam

We invite everyone who wants to be a part of the global event and jam in a friendly and informal atmosphere with folks from different design-related background. Powered and hosted by UIDesign Group

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Spain Barcelona Barcelona Sustainability Jam Read more
Spain Madrid Madrid Sustainability Jam

After a wonderful experience at the last Global Service Jam, we again want to join the adventure of organizing this amazing event.

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Sweden Gothenburg Sustainability Jam Gothenburg Read more
Switzerland Geneva Geneva (confirmed location) Read more
Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Sustainability Jam Read more
United Kingdom London London Sustainability Jam

The London Sustainability Jam will be creative, edgy and fearless with the support of sustainability and design gurus from leading organisations. Happening in the heart of London, the jam will be as vibrant as the capital.

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North America
Country City Jam Custom info
Canada Montreal Montreal Sustainability Jam

We have a tiny "seed Jam" in Montreal.... Please contact Mariann Freij for further information!


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Mexico México City Sustainability Jam México City Read more
United States Lawrence KA Lawrence Sustainability Jam Read more
United States Santa Monica Inlet Jam @ Santa Monica

Inlet Jam @ Santa Monica will be a tiny "seed" Jam. Everyone is welcome - designers, support engineers, and computer warriors who want to contribute to the advance of the technology for global sustainability and world peace.

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United States Savannah Savannah Sustainability Jam

A last minute Jam in Savannah! Yay!

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South America
Country City Jam Custom info
Argentina Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Sustainability Jam Read more
Brazil Belo Horizonte BH Sustainability Jam

We want transform BH into Brazil's coolest city and this movement is already happening. With the GSJ, we felt the great reaction of those involved. With BH Sustainability Jam we’ll take a step forward toward proving that.

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Brazil Curitiba Curitiba Sustainability Jam Read more
Brazil Porto Alegre Porto Alegre Sustainability Jam

Porto Alegre Sustainability Jam,  located within the UNISINOS University’s Design School, a space to create experiences, to stimulate emotions and to produce results. We know that the design does not live only for projects and strategy, but also of love, sweat, and beauty.

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Brazil Salvador Salvador Sustainability Jam Read more
Brazil São Paulo São Paulo Sustainability Jam Read more