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Logo competition - you had 48 hours.

on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 16:44

The winning logo will be announced this week!

Last Spring, at the Global Service Jam , UK designer Jase Cooper kindly designed and donated the brilliant jam jar logo which was adopted and adapted by each location into a beautiful variety of different local logos.  For the Global Sustainability Jam, we want to repeat this success -  but with a different starting idea.

We need a logo which can do two jobs:

i. it can serve at the official logo for the Global Sustainability Jam, on pages like this and worldwide.
ii. it can be the starting point for local jams (if they want) to create their own versions.

We asked you to submit logo ideas and designs*. Our judges are looking at them carefully... and we'll have the results in a few days...

Looking forward to it!

Adam & Markus


*(Just for glory, no cash. You'll be making the logo for the Global Sustainability Jam, a non-profit event. We can't pay, but we will always credit you. Hey, we're jamming here.)