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It's over, folks.

on Sun, 11/24/2013 - 23:09

It’s over, folks, it’s over. As our ever-smiling friends in Oakland hit their upload deadline, the Global Sustainability Jam 2013 is no longer LIVE. #GSusJam is over folks. It's over. It was amazing, thrilling, hard, hard work. But it's over.

We look forward to browsing through the designs, and fixing the last few upload glitches. But for now, after a pretty sleepless weekend, your Global Team is heading for bed.

And we need to introduce those incredible, generous people from GlobalHQ who gave up their own weekends, mostly to sit alone by a computer, supporting you on the Planet Jam and social media, giving you guidance, energy and help. Thanks to Adriana in Colombia, Ana in Italy, Joanna in Poland and especially "no sleep" Natasche in Brazil. They made it possible for Adam and Markus to stay alive and sane this weekend, and did a far, far better job than we have ever done.

We're sorry for what went wrong (blame Adam & Markus!), and we say THANKS for what went right! Enjoy those last few presentations, enjoy the parties, enjoy a good night's sleep. If you’re back at work already, looking over your shoulder at an unforgettable weekend, then take a moment to look at a few projects, share a few pictures, tell a friend. Thanks to the wonderful Hosts & EVERY Jammer too! The Global Sustainability Jam was as easy (and unexpected) as A B 3! 

And if you want to do it again - better, hotter, wilder, and BIGGER - we'll see you at the Global SERVICE Jam, 7-9 March, Planet Earth.

We had 48 hours, and maybe we saved the World - or at least the part of it that you carry with you. And that's a start!

You rocked! You Jammed! You are the Jam!


(Image Dundee Jam)